Queen Camel old School site

19th November 2018

This is a kind of SOS!    Go to the bulletin  and then Click here to see the poster

As some of you may know, Queen Camel Community Land Trust Ltd has been trying to acquire the old school site for some time.  The background is on our website at qcclt.co.uk.  in brief, we had a hiatus last year while the County Council' looked at an alternative use for the site.  That was eventually dropped and the CLT was invited to resubmit its Expression of Interest, which we did.  We received an offer from the County Council in February, had our first meeting at County Hall in June and have since been working to get condition surveys done, the necessary funding in place and lots more.  


Because of the long gap in time that has passed since some people registered an interest, we decided we needed to do a community survey to clearly identify what personal, business and community needs there are now as well as possible support in helping us achieve our vision.   We have just received grant funding from Awards for All to engage the Community Council for Somerset (CCS) to do this survey for us.  Unfortunately the grant funding does not extend to delivering the survey to every household in the wider community so we are trying to communicate with as many as possible through websites, Face Book and e-mail.   To help us, would you be able to put a copy of the attached poster on your notice board(s) and any other public place and the survey on your website?  We would also greatly appreciate it if you could circulate the survey by e-mail as widely as possible within your parish (and to any persons known to you who may have any of the needs that we hope to address).  


I apologise for such a very short notice of the event on Saturday but CCS was not able to proceed with the documents until the grant funding was secured.  We are now racing against the clock.