The Church needs help!

6th December 2018

The Church is looking for some willing volunteers to bolster our current volunteer team of Flower Arrangers, Church Cleaners and Key Holders as some current members are finding it harder to participate. None of the roles is onerous; although being a flower arranger does obviously require a creative streak; most of the current volunteers are not Church goers or regular Church goers. The duties do not come around very frequently – every 12 weeks for the cleaning task (dusting and vacuuming) which is done in pairs and takes about 30 minutes, the key holder role – unlocking/locking the doors between 9am and 5pm(or at dusk in the winter)  and poking your head round the door to check all is well – comes around about every 10 weeks for a week and Church Flowers are normally done by rota based on the church calendar and services.


If you feel that you could join our merry band then please give Barbara Cottier a call on 440408 for the Flower Arrangers or Ted Marsh, as the PCC Honorary Secretary, on 440634 for the other 2 roles.