Land Co-operative

22nd January 2019

I would like to invite you to a community meeting we are hosting on Tuesday 5th February from 5pm - 7pm in the function room at the Sparkford Inn. The meeting is to present our plans for the land we have purchased in Sparkford, answer any questions, listen to any concerns and create a dialogue with you as a local resident. 


You may remember meeting us back in April last year as we dropped round a pamphlet about the Ecological Land Cooperative's work before we purchased the land in Sparkford. It has taken a while but the purchase was completed and we are now preparing our planning application - so we are now able to present to you more of a detailed plan of what we would like to apply for. 


In summary, The Ecological Land Cooperative buys agricultural land and applies for planning permission to create small clusters of new small farms for new entrant farmers as affordably as possible. We will be presenting our model in much more detail at the meeting but if you are not able to attend we can always send you information after the event so please let us know. You can see a copy of the pamphlet we dropped round online here. 


As a reminder, the land in question is highlighted in the attached map. Also attached is a press release about the land purchase and our work which we are circulating to local press and organisations. 


Thanks very much and we hope to see you next month