Rivers Authority

7th October 2019

Please see attached the Somerset Rivers Authority Annual Report 2018-19, introduced for you here by the SRA Chair Councillor David Hall:


I am writing as Chair of Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) to let you know that the SRA has just published its Annual Report 2018-19, showcasing some of the achievements of the SRA during that time.


People and places across Somerset have benefitted from extra SRA-funded flood protection and resilience. In 2018-19, the SRA spent just over £3.8million on actions designed to protect both people and property.


Because there is no one simple solution to Somerset’s flooding challenges, and everyone in the county is affected in one way or another, the SRA invests in a wide range of actions to reduce flood risks and increase resilience when floods do occur. All works are additional to those carried out by other Flood Risk Management Authorities in Somerset.


I have attached a copy of the Annual Report. A longer version gives lots of detail about SRA activities, and is helpful for exploring what’s been done at a more local level. The shorter version is still very informative, but more visual and selective.


I hope very much that you will enjoy reading the SRA Annual Report 2018-19, whichever version you choose.


If you have any comments or questions, or would like to know more, please contact the SRA on sra@somerset.gov.uk or call 01823-355111.


Thank you – Cllr David Hall, Chair, Somerset Rivers Authority