Somerset’s Covid-19 Weekly Update 26th March

28th March 2021

Somerset’s Covid-19 Weekly Update 26th March

Somerset’s Covid-19 Weekly Update Friday 26 March 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of the weekly Somerset Covid-19 update for key stakeholders.  The update is produced on behalf of the Somerset Covid-19 Engagement Board and is designed to provide a weekly update on the current Covid-19 situation in Somerset.

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From Monday (March 29), lockdown restrictions will continue to be eased.  And while we all want to make the most of the new freedoms, we must be careful too.  Whilst the new freedoms are a much welcome step in the right direction, the next few weeks will determine how the Government decide to move forward with the next phase of the roadmap; we mustn’t do too much too quickly and allow our rates and case numbers to creep up again.  Enjoy new freedoms, but please stay safe and remember hands face space!

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